Me and Scrum

Today i heared about a tool from a friend of mine called Asana. Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work. Asana has a a cool UI that make it easy to have a Scrum Boards.

Explanation of Scrum:

Scrum is an agile framework for managing a process. It relies on self organizing, cross functional teams to do the work. During the process the team organizes work into small well defined tasks. Tasks are organized into a “Product Backlog” which is an ordered list of tasks required to create a product. Work on the tasks is done in equal length “Sprints” which are typically one to four weeks in length.

At the start of each sprint the team takes items from the top of the Product Backlog to build a Sprint Backlog. These are the tasks they commit to completing during the sprint. Items on the Product Backlog may be very high level or very specific. However, for an item to be brought into a sprint it needs to have an estimate (provided by the team) and an acceptance criteria or definition of “done”.

Each day of the sprint the team comes together in a daily standup to communicate task progress. Each member of the team gives a short summary of what they did yesterday, what they will do today and if there is anything blocking progress on the task at hand. Teams often do this stand up in front of the Scum Board which is a white board or wall containing cards for each task in the sprint. The cards are organized into columns which show the progress of the task from ready to work on to completed (‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Done’).

At the end of the sprint the team comes together to demo what they’ve completed during the sprint and finally to discuss the “Process” in what is called a Sprint Retrospective.

The players of the Scrum team are the Product owner, the Scrum Master and the developers/testers. The Product owner is responsible for maintaining the product backlog, providing priority and knowledge about tasks. The Scrum Master helps the team with the scrum process and works to remove any blockers. The developers/testers are the people building the product. Usually the team consists of five to nine people.

How i used Asana to create Scrum board:

I’ve started to look at Asana tool to create my first Scrum Board or Scrum project, I’ve started to create different sections into my workspace:

1- Scrum Product Backlog: Each task is a story. The task name starts with the story ID and ends with the time estimation between brackets. Use tags to show the priority (PX).

Make sure to activate the “bracket” hack, to enable automatic sum of numbers between brackets to instantly get the sum of times Asana hack

2- Scrum Sprints Backlog: Each task is a story. The task name starts with the story ID and ends with the time estimation between brackets. Use tags to show the priority (PX).

3- Scrum Sprint Burndown.

This is a screen shot from my Srum project in Asana.

And here is a video that explain how to use scrum to manage your projects using Asana. Asana

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